Donnerstag, 22. August 2019, Berlin, Thee Drongos - GaragePunk/D + Bronco Jedson & Mi?tyria /AUT am 22-08-2019 *

Von 22. August 2019 - 22:00
Bis 23. August 2019 - 01:00
Wild At Heart
Wiener Str. 20
10999 Berlin
ab 18, Doors 20:00, Beginn 22:00

Thee Drongos
are a wild 60s garagepunk monster from Hamburg which will make you drool! For your pleasure, they twang out a primitive blend of Rock'n'Roll, raw beat punk and dirty lo-fi trash with some frantic surf guitars. Juliette, Orsen and Zord stumbled upon each other at a renowned mystical cellar bar in St. Pauli to find out that they had the same dilettant yet charming ideas on how to cause an aural ruckus!
Watch out for their distorted and torrid thunderstorm! ⚡

Bronco Jedson & Mi???tyria
“Bronco Jedson are an Austrian (not Australian) garage rock band in love with Japanese guitars from the 60s. We play music inspired by eleki teenage attitude. We put the wabi-sabi into garage rock. We are amateurs for life and our minimal drums and vintage instruments don’t leave room for perfection. Yes, our songs are about werewolves, monkeys in space and tennis. Having seen it all and reached it all, Bronco Jedson decided not to play stadiums anymore. A ground-level stage in a small room full of people reaching their forties, that is where we belong. See us play, make rock’n’roll memories.”
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