Freitag, 10. April 2020, Berlin, GATO PRETO - Album Release Night | UCOB am 10-04-2020 *

Von 10. April 2020 - 22:00
Bis 11. April 2020 - 06:00
YAAM Berlin
Stralauer Platz 35
10243 Berlin
We proudly invite you all to the official album release night of one of the most interesting afrofuturistic live projects, known as Gato Preto!

Furthermore we're happy to announce UK Bassmate Bakläxa, who is going to rock our stage for the very first time. Joined by our local hero and ecstatic Bass lover Ben Pavlidis this night will showcase the variety of Bass Music to the fullest.
Since our entire pleasure includes the vision we're super excited to welcome the trailblazing art collective Free Optics, who is going to lead us into another world this night!

☞ GATO PRETO (live)

☞ ???


☞ FREE OPTICS (Decoration)


• Hard Tickets: KOKA36, Eventim - DE
• Online Tickets: released 07.01.2020
• Resident Advisor: released 07.01.2020
Presented by YAAM Berlin, United Colors of Bass & Tropical Fever

◉ GATO PRETO ◉ ( Mozambique, Portugal, Ghana )
Gato Preto – the afrofuturistic live act – put the essence of „Rockin´Favela Funk“ from Rio, „Township Grooves“ from South Africa and „Hybrid Tech“ Kuduro from Angola to a new level. They are today’s african music with the sensible ingredients of the last decades international club-music. Gato Preto has become one of the most vibrant and extravagant, contemporary African musical outfits. Fusing music and culture from Mozambique to Germany, Ghana to Senegal, this group will have you re- thinking everything you think you know about African music. This afrofuturistic live act "doesn't just put on a show; it makes a scene" NPR Music.

The band built their name through stunning high energetic live performances - they combine Electronic Beats with powerful live percussions and the intense vocal prowess of MC Gata Misteriosa. Their stage outfits, dancers, visuals and contagious rhythms make up an electric live show that nobody could ever forget.

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◉ BEN PAVLIDIS ◉ ( Ohrbooten / DIE GÄNG )
Ben Pavlidis is a songwriter, producer, and also known as the frontman of the Berlin band Ohrbooten. On his musical path he developed a deep passion for bass music and in his DJ-Sets, he is defiantly paying homage to the beloved bass frequency . The half Greek half German grew up in west berlin and the city has always fed him with an eclectic mix of urban ,world, and electronic music. The essence of all his genre is a super danceable mix of global bass music.

◉ FREE OPTICS ◉ ( Blacklightnature Design )
We use art to transform the input that we get; to consolidate it into material objects, to process it and to express ourselves visually. We are using colors and paint in combination with fabrics to express visions and emotions. We like with the installations and decorations, unique Spaces / Worlds and atmospheres to build. For us, is psychedelic decoration defines itself as an expressive surface, over which we deal with the ethereal and metaphysical level of all. We want to give place to dreams, visions and feelings, in which one can refer to something that is not immediately touchable or recognizable from everyday life consciousness. into material objects, to process it and to express ourselves visually.

◉ UNITED COLORS OF BASS ◉ ( Pachamama Culture )
United Colors of Bass is a grown experience bound to the natural development of deep Global Bass sounds & organic rhythms. A trip into Music, Live-Acts, Dance, Performances, Visuals.

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